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Hi Pup fans! 

Thank you for visiting Pup-ai, it's such an honour to serve you. x


I am passionate about art and have a lifetime of experience with dogs. I have created Pup-ai to provide pet owners with unique artwork, full of story, personality and quality to cherish and display in their homes, to celebrate their relationships with their pets. 


I hope you enjoy the art and I look forward to creating a piece for you x

J. Sol

Interview with artist  & founder

Why Art featuring dogs?

For one, dogs are beautiful to look at and we can all see their personalities through their expressions and body language, they are so open to showing their character. I want to use my skills and knowledge to convey or almost communicate on behalf of them.

Secondly, dogs are so loved and cherished as family members in this country and deserve to be celebrated or recorded in history through art. I don't subscribe to the idea that art belongs to a certain demographic or type of person, I believe art is for everybody to enjoy and experience.

What does each piece convey?

Mainly the wonderful dog with features that subtly reflect their lifestyle or tell a story. I want the owners to feel as though their art truly commemorates their relationship with their beloved pets.

How do you create the art?

I have been creating fine art and digital art now for over 16 years and more recently have discovered a unique way to fuse mediums. I now am exploring AI technology by combining digital techniques with compositions inspired by classic paintings, portrait photography and modern-day pop art. Each Pup - ai art is made from my unique process.

What do you hope to achieve with Pup Ai? 

I simply want to encourage dog owners to celebrate their pets and have artwork that they can display in their homes. They can own a print or we can frame their piece for them and deliver it to their door. I know they will love their art, the quality of the print and framing too, also they receive the digital file of the art so they can share it as they please, on social media, among family members and in the future make replicas for the family. 



What makes our artwork unique is the seamless integration of cutting-edge AI applications with the artistic touch of renowned artist jai Sol.


By combining these innovative tools with Jai’s creative expertise, we offer dog lovers a one-of-a-kind product and aesthetic that captures the essence of their beloved companions.

With over twenty years of experience as a visual artist and curator of public exhibitions spanning the UK and South Asia, and private viewings at his galleries in Manchester and Soho london, Jai brings a wealth of creativity and artistic mastery to Pup-ai.

His wide range of digitally crafted artworks has captivated audiences worldwide, attracting a dedicated following of individuals who admire his creative journey and eagerly collect his original and limited edition masterpieces.

Visit Jai's website to see his amazing art and story -

Jai Sol,artist 
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