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Pup-ai Q&A for Collaborators

What is

What are Pup-ai Pawtraits?

What is your affiliate programme?

How does the affiliate programme work?

Why do you have an introductory period?

What happens after the trial period?

What marketing materials will you provide?

Why we LOVE pet photographers

What is the process for the referral?

Pup-ai is a digital art brand founded by artist Jai Sol and pet behaviourist Jo Cora to celebrate the wonderful bond between dogs and their puppy parents.


We started in 2023 offering pop art style prints in five different themes and four dog breeds and quickly realised that lots of dog owners wanted to commission an artwork of their dog. We developed Pup-ai Pawtraits to meet this demand.

Using photographs of your client’s dog we create beautiful artworks for them using digital technology.


We have many themes to choose from, and we can also create a theme if your client has something special in mind. The Pup-ai artworks are a pop of colour and look fantastic in any home.


We have various sizes and price points. The art is printed in Manchester, UK on museum quality fine art paper and shipped directly to the client. Our larger pieces are framed in white or black wood.


Our artist Jai Sol has been producing, printing and exhibiting digital art for twenty years and quality is at the heart of everything we do.

We offer a generous affiliate programme to our commercial partners. We offer a 50% referral fee after the cost of sale of the product.


Pet professionals such as pet photographers, dog trainers, dog walkers and dog groomers are welcome to apply to work with us.

We provide marketing materials to send to your clients by email and for you to use on social media. We create an introductory offer for your clients, and our commercial partners receive a referral fee for each artwork created.

We start off with an introductory period of one month.


During this time we provide marketing materials you can share with your present and past clients.

Introductory Offer!

A beautiful personalised commission of your dog.

Choose a theme and let us do the rest.

One 20”x20” artwork on fine art paper for you to cherish forever. £300 (usual price £500) including delivery,  for one month only.

So that we can establish a working relationship with our commercial partners we offer a trial period.


This gives our partners time to introduce the brand to their customers and get some initial sales. The images from those introductory sales can then be incorporated into your marketing materials for Pup-ai Pawtraits. We keep things simple and offer one size, one price, one referral fee. The referral fee for the introductory offer is £50 per artwork.

After one month if your customers like the product and have placed some orders we can offer our full service. We create more marketing materials for you and can incorporate your branding if you wish.

We also offer more sizes and referral fees of up to £300 per artwork.

16”x 16” - £450 – Referral fee is £100

25”x25” - £600 – Referral fee is £200

35”x35” - £1000 – Referral fee is £300

We can provide social media images, videos, a PDF to email out to your clients, and regular updated materials for you to use with your existing and previous customers.


We anticipate that this service will be very popular at Christmas and will create seasonal themes for the art and marketing materials for you to use



We are in awe of your stunning photography and Pup-ai offer an additional service which you can offer to your clients.


Our artworks are a pop of colour and fun, and they complement your beautiful studio or action shots. We are able to use studio or location images as our artist has twenty years experience working with digital images. We can either use your image in your customer’s Pup-ai Pawtrait, or they can send good quality photos which they have already taken, which allows them to commission an artwork for a dog which has passed away for example. If you have referred them to us then you get the referral fee either way.

For photographers we can also provide printed leaflets to give to your clients after a shoot. After the introductory period we will also advertise your photography services on our website for owners who wish to get their dog professionally photographed.

We give you a unique code to use for your clients.


You can contact us with a referral, or they can contact us. We will ask for the code and the name of our commercial partner so that you get your referral fee.

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