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We create art masterpieces
featuring your dog

Individually made by artist Jai Sol

 & personlised for you to cherish forever. 

With over 20 years of experience in creating
bespoke masterpieces, we can transform
your photographs into art.



Art to celebrate their life, personality & spirit.


-Print or a framed Print -

PICS copy.jpg

Step 1



Photographs of your dog.

We request up to six good quality photographs of your dog to use as reference for you art.

We wll also email you with a series of questions to discern a style for your art and other details including colours.


Step 2



Choose your theme.

We offer beautiful themes that can  capture the essence of our furry friends in vibrant and captivating ways. 

Or create your own theme to suit your pet's personality.


Select to view our themes in detail.

Step 3



We create your art.

Our artist, Jai Sol has over twenty years of experience creating and exhibiting his art and will use cutting-edge ai technology to create stunning art.


Select to view artworks we have  created with our themes for owners.

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Step 4



We print or frame

your art and deliver.

Choose a fine art print or print in a white frame to showcase your Pup -ai art.

We have been working with our framers for over 20 years & quarantee high quality products including delivery.


Select to view our products and costs.

Statement - Artistic Process

Our artist Jai Sol has developed a unique process for Pup-ai using his twenty years’ experience in the field of digital art. He combines his own artistic methods with cutting edge A.I technology to create beautiful commissions.

Each artwork is meticulously planned by the artist with a strong emphasis on composition, colour, lighting and most importantly the personality and character of the dog.


The artist works closely with the pet owner to determine the story of the art. He then creates a theme around that story. Whether the dog is a cuddle monster, a crazy cushion destroying ninja or a chilled zen master, our artist can create a theme to suit. The most important part of the process for our artist is combining the photograph of the dog with his own creative imagination.


The technology he uses simply helps him to create it.

In addition, the materials used to create the art all belong to the dog owner, in the case of photographs, and to the artist, in the setting of the theme.


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